The Mezzanine

The Mezzanine

The Mezzanine was a project that had been underway for several months, and saw its opening on the 9th of June. This modern and unique build fully utilised the empty space that was there before it, and has attracted many members of the public to view its downstairs and upstairs tenants.

The first floor of the mezzanine, is home to the fantastic Guernsey Weigh. The Guernsey Weigh has shown our island in the short span that it has been open, that leading a waste-free and eco friendly lifestyle is more than doable. Their fresh produce, body care and cleaning products are not only better for the environment, but better for you and your wallet. Not to mention that their team are always friendly and happy to help where possible. This modern yet charmingly local store, fits perfectly with the same feel of the Mezzanine.

The second floor is home to the George Crossan Gallery, and has brought a cultural dynamic to the Inner Street. After showcasing the work of Dimitri Permiakov, which was a successful show, the public were blown away by how suitable it was as a gallery space. The light levels and walkway on the sides meant that the pieces could be marvelled at both up close and across the room. The space is now the home of the Discover Guernsey film. This half an hour long documentary showcases Guernsey’s heritage, whilst showing our Islands natural landscapes.

We look forward to seeing the Mezzanine become an even more popular space, and become a key place even more for the public to use.

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