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The Guernsey Weigh

it is clear to see the devastating effects of human plastic consumption around the world. Plastic is often not disposed of properly, and can end up in landfill and even the oceans, where it takes hundreds of years to break down.

The Guernsey Weigh in Market Place, aims to reduce our plastic intake, and help make Guernsey into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Island. This store is set to be one of a kind on the Island, and has created a unique shopping experience for all.

By encouraging customers to re-use containers such as Tupperware, jars, egg boxes and whatever you have at home, this means less plastic packaging is used and thrown away. The Guernsey Weigh provides local fruit and veg, as well as grains, dairy and much more. The foods that will be for sale as well, are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Not to mention, that food is not all that they offer. Household appliances such as eco cleaning products, soaps, toiletries and other household products. This means that you can cut down plastic in every aspect of your home life, and not just through food.

The Guernsey Weigh therefore truly aims to show us as the consumers, how cutting down on plastic does not have to be a time-consuming or costly task. Your weekly shop has just got easier, and not only provides you with quality products, but also makes you feel good for helping the environment at the same time.